(noun, verb)


1. the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length

Similar word(s): spring, springiness

Definition categories: attribute, elasticity, snap

Sentences with give as a noun:

- This chair doesn't have much give.


1. cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense

Definition categories: possession

2. be the cause or source of

Similar word(s): afford, yield

Definition categories: possession, furnish, provide, render, supply

3. transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody

- can you give me lessons?

Definition categories: possession, transfer

4. convey or reveal information

- Give one's name

Definition categories: possession, say, state, tell

5. convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow

- give the orders

- Give him my best regards

Similar word(s): pay

Definition categories: communication, communicate, intercommunicate

6. organize or be responsible for

- give a course

Similar word(s): have, hold, make, throw

Definition categories: creation, direct

7. convey or communicate; of a smile, a look, a physical gesture

Similar word(s): throw

Definition categories: communication, communicate, intercommunicate

8. give as a present; make a gift of

- What will you give her for her birthday?

Similar word(s): gift, present

Definition categories: possession

9. cause to happen or be responsible for

Similar word(s): yield

Definition categories: creation, create, make

10. dedicate

- give thought to

- give priority to

Similar word(s): devote, pay

Definition categories: cognition, cerebrate, cogitate, think

11. give or supply

Similar word(s): generate, render, return, yield

Definition categories: creation, create, make, produce

12. transmit (knowledge or skills)

- give a secret to the Russians

Similar word(s): impart, leave

Definition categories: possession, tell

13. bring about

Similar word(s): establish

Definition categories: creation, create, make

14. leave with; give temporarily

- Can I give you my keys while I go in the pool?

- Can I give you the children for the weekend?

Definition categories: possession, give, hand, pass, reach

15. emit or utter

- Give a gulp

- give a yelp

Definition categories: social, emit, utter

16. endure the loss of

Similar word(s): sacrifice

Definition categories: possession, free, release, relinquish, resign

17. place into the hands or custody of

Similar word(s): hand, pass, reach

Definition categories: possession, transfer

18. give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause

- give one's talents to a good cause

Similar word(s): commit, consecrate, dedicate, devote

Definition categories: communication, apply, employ, use, utilise, utilize

19. give (as medicine)

Definition categories: possession, administer, dispense

20. give or convey physically

Similar word(s): apply

Definition categories: possession, administer, allot, deal, dispense, distribute, lot

21. bestow

- give homage

Similar word(s): render

Definition categories: communication, communicate, intercommunicate

22. bestow, especially officially

- give a divorce

Similar word(s): grant

Definition categories: possession

23. move in order to make room for someone for something

Similar word(s): yield

Definition categories: motion, move

24. give food to

- don't give the child this tough meat

Similar word(s): feed

Definition categories: consumption, cater, ply, provide, supply

25. contribute to some cause

Similar word(s): contribute

Definition categories: possession, give

26. break down, literally or metaphorically

Similar word(s): break, collapse, founder

Definition categories: motion, change

27. estimate the duration or outcome of something

Definition categories: cognition, approximate, estimate, gauge, guess, judge

28. execute and deliver

- Give bond

Definition categories: social, execute

29. deliver in exchange or recompense

- I'll give you three books for four CDs

Definition categories: possession, compensate, indemnify, recompense, repair

30. afford access to

- The French doors give onto a terrace

Similar word(s): afford, open

Definition categories: possession

31. present to view

Definition categories: creation, show

32. perform for an audience

Definition categories: creation, perform

33. be flexible under stress of physical force

- This material doesn't give

Similar word(s): yield

Definition categories: contact, stretch

34. propose

Definition categories: consumption, drink, pledge, salute, toast, wassail

35. accord by verdict

- give a decision for the plaintiff

Definition categories: communication, accord, allot, grant

36. manifest or show

- This student gives promise of real creativity

Definition categories: communication, evince, express, show

37. offer in good faith

Definition categories: communication, pledge

38. submit for consideration, judgment, or use

- give one's opinion

- give an excuse

Definition categories: communication, submit

39. guide or direct, as by behavior of persuasion

Definition categories: communication, lead

40. allow to have or take

- I give you two minutes to respond

Definition categories: communication, allow, countenance, let, permit

41. inflict as a punishment

Definition categories: communication, impose, inflict, visit

42. occur

- what gives?

Definition categories: change, hap, happen, occur, pass

43. consent to engage in sexual intercourse with a man

Definition categories: body, accept, consent

44. proffer (a body part)

Definition categories: body, offer, proffer

Sentences with give as a verb:

- I'm going to give my wife a necklace for her birthday.

- He gives of his energies to the organization.

- Please give me some more time.

- It gives me a lot of pleasure to be here tonight.

- My mother-in-law gives me nothing but grief.

- I want to give you a kiss.

- I'd like to give the tire a kick.

- Give me your hand.

- I give it ten minutes before he gives up.

- I give it a 95% chance of success.

- I'll give their marriage six months.

- The master bedroom gives onto a spacious balcony.

- The number of men, divided by the number of ships, gives four hundred to each ship.

- The soldiers give themselves to plunder.

- That boy is given to fits of bad temper.