Words that Start with P


Starting with PA

Words that Start with P

This section will provide you with more information on the words that start withP .

Interesting notes about the letter P:

  • The letter P is the sixteenth letter of the English alphabet.
  • It is a consonant.
  • It normally makes one distinct sound \ p \ as in peacock.
  • Before 500 B.C., the Phoenicians used a symbol resembling an angle, Pe, which stood for “mouth” and might have also been a corner.
  • About 9 B.C., the Greeks called it pi (p), and then the Romans used it for P.

The following are a couple of examples of words starting with P.


Animals that start with P

  • Peacock: male peafowl; having a crested head and very large fanlike tail marked with iridescent eyes or spots
    • My favorite bird at the zoo is the peacock with its beautiful feathers.
  • Platypus: small densely furred aquatic monotreme of Australia and Tasmania having a broad bill and tail and webbed feet; only species in the family Ornithorhynchidae
    • The platypus is an interesting animal that looks like a mix between a beaver and a duck.
  • Panda: large black-and-white herbivorous mammal of bamboo forests of China and Tibet; in some classifications considered a member of the bear family or of a separate family Ailuropodidae
    • The little baby panda seemed as smuggly as a stuffed teddy bear.

Places that start with P

  • Pavilion:  large and often sumptuous tent
    • The band played in the pavilion during our town’s 100th celebration.
  • Plaza: mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; usually includes restaurants and a convenient parking area; a modern version of the traditional marketplace
    • Our town’s plaza was recently renovated and now has new shops and a little area for sitting.
  • Piazza: a public square with room for pedestrians
    • The rustic piazza reminded me of the ones on Italy. 

Words that describe people

  • Paranoid:  suffering from paranoia
    • The teacher was paranoid, convinced that her students were out to get her.
  • Persian: of or relating to Iran or its people or language or culture
    • The Persian girl’s had beautiful, long dark hair. 
  • Perceptive: having the ability to perceive or understand; keen in discernment
    • She was a perceptive toddler that could figure out when her brother was sad. 

Words that describe an idea

  • Perfect: being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish
    • His ideas for the design of the flier were perfect!
  • Perplexing: lacking clarity of meaning; causing confusion or perplexity
    • As he explained his perplexing idea more and more, we began to understand. 
  • Pacifist: opposed to violence.
    • Many people thought that the pacifist protests would not work.

Words that describe a place/event

  • Parisian: of or relating to or characteristic of Paris or its inhabitants
    • The parisian cafe had delicious croissants and cheese. 
  • Peaceful:  not disturbed by strife or turmoil or war
    • The ocean was strangely peaceful with small, calm waves. 
  • Photogenic:  looking attractive in photographs
    • The pier on the lake makes a photogenic spot at sunset. 

Longest words that start with P

Long words - P

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