(noun, verb)


1. the act of having and controlling property

Similar word(s): ownership

Definition categories: act, control

2. anything owned or possessed

Definition categories: general, relation

3. being controlled by passion or the supernatural

Definition categories: state, enchantment, spell, trance

4. a mania restricted to one thing or idea

Similar word(s): monomania

Definition categories: motive, cacoethes, mania, passion

5. a territory that is controlled by a ruling state

Definition categories: location, district, dominion, territory

6. the trait of completely controlling your own behavior

Similar word(s): willpower

Definition categories: attribute, firmness, resoluteness, resolution, resolve

7. (sport) the act of controlling the ball (or puck)

- they took possession of the ball on their own goal line

Definition categories: act, control

Sentences with possession as a noun:

- The car quickly became his most prized possession.

- I would gladly give all of my worldly possessions just to be able to do that.

- The car is in my possession.

- I'm in possession of the car.

- Réunion is the largest of France's overseas possessions.

- Back then, people with psychiatric disorders were sometimes thought to be victims of demonic possession.

- The scoreboard shows a little football symbol next to the name of the team that has possession.

- Some languages distinguish between a construction like 'my car', which shows alienable possession — the car could become someone else's — and one like 'my foot', which has inalienable possession — my foot will always be mine.


1. (obsolete) To invest with property.