1. bring into existence

- The new manager generated a lot of problems

- The computer bug generated chaos in the office

- The computer generated this image

Definition categories: creation, create, make

2. give or supply

Similar word(s): give, render, return, yield

Definition categories: creation, create, make, produce

3. produce (energy)

- We can't generate enough power for the entire city

- The hydroelectric plant needs to generate more electricity

Definition categories: creation, create, make, produce

4. make (offspring) by reproduction

Similar word(s): beget, engender, father, get, mother, sire

Definition categories: body, create, make

Sentences with generate as a verb:

- The discussion generated an uproar.

- Adding concentrated sulphuric acid to water generates heat.

- They generated many offspring.

- Rotating a circle generates a sphere.