(noun, verb)


1. lighter consisting of a thin piece of wood or cardboard tipped with combustible chemical; ignites with friction

- he always carries matches to light his pipe

Similar word(s): lucifer

Definition categories: man–made, igniter, ignitor, light, lighter

2. a formal contest in which two or more persons or teams compete

Definition categories: event, competition, contest

3. a burning piece of wood or cardboard

- if you drop a match in there the whole place will explode

Definition categories: man–made, igniter, ignitor, light, lighter

4. an exact duplicate

- when a match is found an entry is made in the notebook

Similar word(s): mate

Definition categories: man–made, duplicate, duplication

5. the score needed to win a match

Definition categories: quantity, score

6. a person regarded as a good matrimonial prospect

Similar word(s): catch

Definition categories: person, adult, grownup

7. a person who is of equal standing with another in a group

Similar word(s): compeer, equal, peer

Definition categories: person, individual, mortal, somebody, someone, soul

8. a pair of people who live together

Similar word(s): couple, mates

Definition categories: group, family

9. something that resembles or harmonizes with

- that tie makes a good match with your jacket

Definition categories: thought, counterpart

Sentences with match as a noun:

- My local team are playing in a match against their arch-rivals today.

- He knew he had met his match.

- The carpet and curtains are a match.

- He struck a match and lit his cigarette.


1. be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics

- The suspect's fingerprints don't match those on the gun

Similar word(s): agree, check, correspond, fit, gibe, jibe, tally

Definition categories: stative, be, equal

2. provide funds complementary to

- The company matched the employees' contributions

Definition categories: possession, furnish, provide, render, supply

3. bring two objects, ideas, or people together

- Matchmaker, can you match my daughter with a nice young man?

Similar word(s): couple, mate, pair, twin

Definition categories: contact, join

4. be equal to in quality or ability

- Her persistence and ambition only matches that of her parents

Similar word(s): equal, rival, touch

Definition categories: stative, compete, contend, vie

5. make correspond or harmonize

- Match my sweater

Similar word(s): fit

Definition categories: change, adjust, correct, set

6. give or join in marriage

Definition categories: contact, join

7. set into opposition or rivalry

- let them match their best athletes against ours

Similar word(s): oppose, pit

Definition categories: competition, confront, face

8. be equal or harmonize

- The two pieces match

Definition categories: change, adapt, adjust, conform

9. make equal, uniform, corresponding, or matching

- The company matched the discount policy of its competitors

Similar word(s): equal, equalise, equalize, equate

Definition categories: change, alter, modify

Sentences with match as a verb:

- Their interests didn't match, so it took a long time to agree what to do together.

- These two copies are supposed to be identical, but they don't match.

- His interests didn't match her interests.

- They found out about his color-blindness when he couldn't match socks properly.

- She matched him at every turn: anything he could do, she could do as well or better.

- to match boards