1. be against; express opposition to

- We oppose the ban on abortion

Definition categories: communication, argue, contend, debate, fence

2. fight against or resist strongly

- The senator said he would oppose the bill

Similar word(s): defend, fight

Definition categories: competition, contend, fight, struggle

3. contrast with equal weight or force

Similar word(s): counterbalance

Definition categories: stative, contrast, counterpoint

4. set into opposition or rivalry

Similar word(s): match, pit

Definition categories: competition, confront, face

5. act against or in opposition to

Similar word(s): react

Definition categories: social, act, move

6. be resistant to

- The board opposed his motion

Similar word(s): contradict, controvert

Definition categories: communication, rebut, refute

Sentences with oppose as a verb:

- to oppose the king in battle; to oppose a bill in Congress

- There is still time to oppose this plan.

- Many religious leaders oppose cloning humans.

- They are opposed to any form of hierarchy.

- to oppose a rival for a prize