(noun, adjective)


1. subject to death

- mortal beings

Similar word(s): finite, earthly, earthborn

2. involving loss of divine grace or spiritual death

Similar word(s): unpardonable, deadly

3. unrelenting and deadly

- mortal enemy

Similar word(s): merciless, unmerciful

4. causing or capable of causing death

- mortal combat

- a mortal illness

Similar word(s): fatal, deadly, deathly

Sentences with mortal as an adjective:

- mortal wit or knowledge; mortal power

- Let's go out and get mortal!


1. a human being

Similar word(s): individual, person, somebody, someone, soul

Definition categories: general, being, organism, cause

Sentences with mortal as a noun:

- Her wisdom was beyond that of a mere mortal.