(noun, adjective, verb, adverb)


1. having four equal sides and four right angles or forming a right angle

- a square peg in a round hole

- a square corner

Similar word(s): quadrate, squared, squarish, angular, angulate

2. characterized by honesty and fairness

- a square deal

Similar word(s): honest, honorable, lawful, aboveboard, straightforward, guileless, transparent, straightarrow, straight

3. providing abundant nourishment

- four square meals a day

Similar word(s): wholesome, hearty, satisfying, solid, substantial

4. leaving no balance

- my account with you is now all square

Similar word(s): paid

5. without evasion or compromise

- a square contradiction

Similar word(s): direct, straight, straightforward

6. rigidly conventional or old-fashioned

Similar word(s): conventional, straight

Sentences with square as an adjective:

- square metre

- square mile

- square dealing

- I'm just looking for a square deal on my car repair.

- to make or leave the accounts square

- It may be prison, but at least I'm getting three square meals a day.

- a man of a square frame


1. in a straight direct way

- looked him squarely in the eye

- ran square into me

Similar word(s): squarely

2. in a square shape

- a squarely cut piece of paper

- folded the sheet of paper square

Similar word(s): squarely

3. firmly and solidly

- hit the ball squarely

- the bat met the ball squarely

- planted his great bulk square before his enemy

Similar word(s): squarely


1. (geometry) a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles; a four-sided regular polygon

- you can compute the area of a square if you know the length of its sides

Similar word(s): foursquare

Definition categories: shape, rectangle

2. the product of two equal terms

- gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance

Definition categories: quantity, number

3. an open area at the meeting of two or more streets

Definition categories: location, parcel, tract

4. something approximating the shape of a square

Definition categories: shape, form

5. someone who doesn't understand what is going on

Similar word(s): lame

Definition categories: person, simple, simpleton

6. a formal and conservative person with old-fashioned views

Definition categories: person, conservative

7. any artifact having a shape similar to a plane geometric figure with four equal sides and four right angles

- a checkerboard has 64 squares

Definition categories: man–made, artefact, artifact

8. a hand tool consisting of two straight arms at right angles; used to construct or test right angles

- the carpenter who built this room must have lost his square

Definition categories: man–made

Sentences with square as a noun:

- There are so many uses for the square, in fact, that a new model will usually come complete with a booklet enumerating its applications. - The Carpenter's Square

- You may not move a piece to a square already occupied by one of your own pieces.

- 64 is the square of 8.

- Why do you always wear a tie? Don't be such a square!

- Enter your account number followed by a square.

- An ideal playing area is roughly circular in shape with a central area, the cricket square, measuring 27.44 metres by 27.44 metres and boundaries 45.75 metres from the sides of the square.

- 2006: Just as the basic unit of real estate measurement across the world is the square ... — Macquarie Bank (Australia), press release Macquarie releases Real Estate Market Outlook 2006 - "The World Squared", 21 June 2006 [1]2007: The house is very large and open and boasts 39 squares of living space plus over 13 squares of decking area on 3 sides and 17 squares of garage and workshop downstairs. — Your Estate advertisement for Grindelwald Tasmania [2]

- Even when times were tough, we got three squares a day.


1. make square

- Square the circle

- square the wood with a file

Definition categories: change, form, shape

2. raise to the second power

Definition categories: cognition, multiply

3. cause to match, as of ideas or acts

Definition categories: stative, adapt, adjust, conform

4. position so as to be square

- He squared his shoulders

Definition categories: motion, position

5. be compatible with

- one idea squares with another

Definition categories: stative, agree, check, correspond, fit, gibe, jibe, match, tally

6. pay someone and settle a debt

- I squared with him

Definition categories: possession, settle

7. turn the paddle; in canoeing

Similar word(s): feather

Definition categories: competition, paddle

8. turn the oar, while rowing

Similar word(s): feather

Definition categories: competition, row

Sentences with square as a verb:

- The casting was mounted on a milling machine so that its sides could be squared.

- John can square this question up for us.

- These results just don't square.

- I cannot square the results of the experiment with my hypothesis.

- to square our actions by the opinions of others

- to square mason's work

- to square the yards