1. carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in

- They engaged in a discussion

Similar word(s): prosecute, pursue

Definition categories: social, act, move

2. consume all of one's attention or time

Similar word(s): absorb, engross, occupy

Definition categories: cognition, interest

3. engage or hire for work

Similar word(s): employ, hire

Definition categories: social

4. ask to represent; of legal counsel

Definition categories: social, employ, engage, hire

5. give to in marriage

Similar word(s): affiance, betroth, plight

Definition categories: communication, vow

6. get caught

- make sure the gear is engaged

Definition categories: change, touch

7. carry on (wars, battles, or campaigns)

Similar word(s): wage

Definition categories: social, contend, fight, struggle

8. hire for work or assistance

- engage aid, help, services, or support

Similar word(s): enlist

Definition categories: possession, procure, secure

9. engage for service under a term of contract

Similar word(s): charter, hire, lease, rent, take

Definition categories: possession, acquire, get

10. keep engaged

- engaged the gears

Similar word(s): lock, mesh, operate

Definition categories: contact, displace, move

Sentences with engage as a verb:

- They were engaged last month! They're planning to have the wedding next year.

- Whenever I engage the clutch, the car stalls out.

- The teeth of one cogwheel engage those of another.