(noun, verb)


1. an event that repeats

- the events today were a repeat of yesterday's

Similar word(s): repetition

Definition categories: event

Sentences with repeat as a noun:

- We gave up after the third repeat because it got boring.


1. to say, state, or perform again

Similar word(s): ingeminate, iterate, reiterate, restate, retell

Definition categories: communication, tell

2. make or do or perform again

Similar word(s): double, duplicate, reduplicate, replicate

Definition categories: creation, reproduce

3. happen or occur again

Similar word(s): recur

Definition categories: change, hap, happen, occur, pass

4. to say again or imitate

Similar word(s): echo

Definition categories: communication, emit, utter

5. do over

Definition categories: social, act, move

6. repeat an earlier theme of a composition

Similar word(s): recapitulate, reprise, reprize

Definition categories: creation, play, spiel

Sentences with repeat as a verb:

- The scientists repeated the experiment in order to confirm the result.