(noun, verb)


1. a special group delegated to consider some matter

Similar word(s): committee

Definition categories: group

2. a fee for services rendered based on a percentage of an amount received or collected or agreed to be paid (as distinguished from a salary)

- he works on commission

Definition categories: possession, fee

3. the act of granting authority to undertake certain functions

Similar word(s): commissioning

Definition categories: act, authorization, empowerment

4. the state of being in good working order and ready for operation

- put the ships into commission

- the motor was out of commission

Definition categories: state, operation

5. a group of representatives or delegates

Similar word(s): delegacy, delegation, deputation, mission

Definition categories: group, organisation, organization

6. a formal statement of a command or injunction to do something

Similar word(s): charge, direction

Definition categories: communication, bid, bidding, command, dictation

7. an official document issued by a government and conferring on the recipient the rank of an officer in the armed forces

Definition categories: communication, certificate, certification, credential, credentials

8. the act of committing a crime

Similar word(s): committal, perpetration

Definition categories: act, crime

9. a special assignment that is given to a person or group

Similar word(s): charge, mission

Definition categories: act, assignment

Sentences with commission as a noun:

- It was James Bond's commission to defeat the bad guys.

- David received his commission after graduating from West Point.

- I have three commissions for the city.

- the European Commission; the Electoral Commission; the Federal Communications Commission

- The company's sexual harassment commission made sure that every employee completed the on-line course.

- a reseller's commission

- The real-estate broker charged a four percent commission for their knowledge on bidding for commercial properties; for their intellectual perspective on making a formal offer and the strategy to obtain a mutually satisfying deal with the seller in favour of the buyer .

- the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism


1. put into commission; equip for service; of ships

Definition categories: social, equip, fit, outfit

2. place an order for

Definition categories: social, order

3. charge with a task

Definition categories: social, authorise, authorize, clear, pass

Sentences with commission as a verb:

- James Bond was commissioned with recovering the secret documents.

- He commissioned a replica of the Mona Lisa for his living room, but the painter gave up after six months.

- The aircraft carrier was commissioned in 1944, during WWII.