(noun, verb, adverb)


1. directly

Similar word(s): bang, bolt, slap, slapdash

Sentences with smack as an adverb:

- Right smack bang in the middle.


1. a blow from a flat object (as an open hand)

Similar word(s): slap

Definition categories: event, blow, bump

2. the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth

Similar word(s): flavor, flavour, nip, relish, sapidity, savor, savour, tang

Definition categories: thought, taste

3. a sailing ship (usually rigged like a sloop or cutter) used in fishing and sailing along the coast

Definition categories: man–made

4. street names for heroin

Similar word(s): scag, skag, thunder

Definition categories: man–made, diacetylmorphine, heroin

5. an enthusiastic kiss

Similar word(s): smooch

Definition categories: act, buss, kiss, osculation

6. the act of smacking something; a blow delivered with an open hand

Similar word(s): slap, smacking

Definition categories: act, blow


1. deliver a hard blow to

- The teacher smacked the student who had misbehaved

Similar word(s): thwack

Definition categories: contact, hit

2. have an element suggestive (of something)

- his speeches smacked of racism

Similar word(s): reek, smell

Definition categories: perception, evoke, suggest

3. have a distinctive or characteristic taste

Similar word(s): taste

Definition categories: perception, savor, savour, taste

4. kiss lightly

Similar word(s): peck

Definition categories: contact, buss, kiss, osculate, snog

5. press (the lips) together and open (the lips) noisily, as in eating

Definition categories: consumption, emit, utter

Sentences with smack as a verb:

- Her reckless behavior smacks of pride.