1. reveal unintentionally

- Her smile betrayed her true feelings

Similar word(s): bewray

Definition categories: communication, break, disclose, discover, divulge, expose, reveal, uncover, unwrap

2. deliver to an enemy by treachery

- The spy betrayed his country

Similar word(s): sell

Definition categories: social, cozen, deceive, delude

3. disappoint, prove undependable to; abandon, forsake

Similar word(s): fail

Definition categories: emotion, disappoint

4. be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage

Similar word(s): cheat, wander

Definition categories: social, cozen, deceive, delude

5. give away information about somebody

Similar word(s): denounce, grass, rat, shop, snitch, stag

Definition categories: communication, inform

6. cause someone to believe an untruth

Similar word(s): deceive

Definition categories: communication, misinform, mislead