(noun, adjective, verb)


1. used of milk and milk products from which the cream has been removed

- yogurt made with skim milk

- she can drink skimmed milk but should avoid butter

Similar word(s): fatless, nonfat, skimmed


1. a thin layer covering the surface of a liquid

- there was a thin skim of oil on the water

Definition categories: object, cover, covering

2. reading or glancing through quickly

Similar word(s): skimming

Definition categories: communication, reading


1. travel on the surface of water

Similar word(s): plane

Definition categories: motion, glide

2. move or pass swiftly and lightly over the surface of

Definition categories: contact, touch

3. examine hastily

Similar word(s): rake, scan

Definition categories: perception, examine, see

4. cause to skip over a surface

Similar word(s): skip, skitter

Definition categories: contact, throw

5. coat (a liquid) with a layer

Definition categories: contact, coat, surface

6. remove from the surface

- skim cream from the surface of milk

Similar word(s): cream

Definition categories: contact, remove, take, withdraw

7. read superficially

Definition categories: cognition, read

Sentences with skim as a verb:

- I skimmed the newspaper over breakfast.

- to skim milk; to skim broth

- to skim cream