(noun, verb)


1. someone who guards prisoners

Similar word(s): gaoler, jailer, jailor, turnkey

Definition categories: person, keeper, lawman

2. a simple machine of the inclined-plane type consisting of a spirally threaded cylindrical rod that engages with a similarly threaded hole

Definition categories: man–made

3. a propeller with several angled blades that rotates to push against water or air

Definition categories: man–made, propeller, propellor

4. a fastener with a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head

Definition categories: man–made, fastener, fastening, fixing, holdfast

5. slang for sexual intercourse

Similar word(s): shag, shtup

Definition categories: act, coition, coitus, copulation, intercourse, relation

Sentences with screw as a noun:

- the skeleton screw (Caprella);  the sand screw


1. have sexual intercourse with

Similar word(s): bang, bed, bonk, hump, jazz, know, love

Definition categories: contact, copulate, couple, mate, pair

2. turn like a screw

Definition categories: contact, revolve, rotate

3. cause to penetrate, as with a circular motion

- drive in screws or bolts

Definition categories: contact, revolve, rotate

4. tighten or fasten by means of screwing motions

- Screw the bottle cap on

Definition categories: contact, fasten, tighten

5. defeat someone through trickery or deceit

Similar word(s): cheat, chicane, chouse, jockey, shaft

Definition categories: competition, beat, crush, shell, trounce, vanquish