(noun, verb)


1. a line that forms the length of an arrow pointer

Definition categories: communication, line

2. an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect

- she threw shafts of sarcasm

Similar word(s): barb, dig, gibe, jibe, shot, slam

Definition categories: communication, comment, input, remark

3. a long rod or pole (especially the handle of an implement or the body of a weapon like a spear or arrow)

Definition categories: man–made, rod

4. a column of light (as from a beacon)

Similar word(s): beam, irradiation, ray

Definition categories: phenomenon, light

5. the main (mid) section of a long bone

Similar word(s): diaphysis

Definition categories: body

6. obscene terms for penis

Similar word(s): cock, putz, tool

Definition categories: body, member, penis, phallus

7. a long pointed rod used as a tool or weapon

Similar word(s): lance, spear

Definition categories: man–made, arm, weapon

8. a vertical passageway through a building (as for an elevator)

Definition categories: man–made, passageway

9. (architecture) upright consisting of the vertical part of a column

Similar word(s): scape

Definition categories: man–made, upright, vertical

10. a long vertical passage sunk into the earth, as for a mine or tunnel

Definition categories: man–made, passage

11. a revolving rod that transmits power or motion

Definition categories: man–made, rod

12. the hollow spine of a feather

Similar word(s): calamus, quill

Definition categories: animal, rib

Sentences with shaft as a noun:

- Her hand slipped off the javelin's shaft towards the spearpoint and that's why her score was lowered.

- Isn't that shaft of light from that opening in the cave beautiful?

- I had no idea that they removed the feathers' shafts to make the pillows softer!

- Sarah, if you wear gloves your hands might not slip on your shaft and you can up your game, girl!

- Your grandfather used to work with a crane hauling ore out of the gold mine's shafts.

- Darn it, my keys fell through the gap and into the elevator shaft.

- Our parrot flew into the air duct and got stuck in the shaft.


1. equip with a shaft

Definition categories: possession, equip, fit, outfit

2. defeat someone through trickery or deceit

Similar word(s): cheat, chicane, chouse, jockey, screw

Definition categories: competition, beat, crush, shell, trounce, vanquish