(noun, adjective, verb)


1. (obsolete) Leaky.


1. an accidental hole that allows something (fluid or light etc.) to enter or escape

- one of the tires developed a leak

Definition categories: object, hole

2. soft watery rot in fruits and vegetables caused by fungi

Definition categories: state

3. a euphemism for urination

- he had to take a leak

Similar word(s): wetting

Definition categories: process, micturition, urination

4. the discharge of a fluid from some container

- he had to clean up the leak

Similar word(s): escape, leakage, outflow

Definition categories: event, discharge, outpouring, run

5. unauthorized (especially deliberate) disclosure of confidential information

Definition categories: communication, disclosure, revealing, revelation

Sentences with leak as a noun:

- a leak in a roof

- a leak in a boat

- a leak in a gas pipe

- The leak gained on the ship's pumps.

- The leaks by Chelsea Manning showed the secrets of the US military.

- The press must have learned about the plan through a leak.

- resource leak

- memory leak

- I have to take a leak.


1. tell anonymously

- The news were leaked to the paper

Definition categories: communication, break, disclose, discover, divulge, expose, reveal, uncover, unwrap

2. be leaked

- The news leaked out despite his secrecy

Definition categories: communication, break

3. enter or escape as through a hole or crack or fissure

- Water leaked out of the can into the backpack

- Gas leaked into the basement

Definition categories: change, egress, emerge, issue

4. have an opening that allows light or substances to enter or go out

- The container leaked gasoline

- the roof leaks badly

Definition categories: change

Sentences with leak as a verb:

- The faucet has been leaking since last month.

- Someone must have leaked it to our competitors that the new product will be out soon.