(noun, verb)


1. an opening into or through something

Definition categories: object, gap, opening

2. an opening deliberately made in or through something

Definition categories: man–made, opening

3. one playing period (from tee to green) on a golf course

- he played 18 holes

Definition categories: man–made, play

4. an unoccupied space

Definition categories: shape, space

5. a depression hollowed out of solid matter

Similar word(s): hollow

Definition categories: object, depression

6. a fault

- he shot holes in my argument

Definition categories: state, defect, fault, flaw

7. informal terms for a difficult situation

Similar word(s): fix, jam, mess, muddle, pickle

Definition categories: state, difficulty

8. informal terms for the mouth

Similar word(s): cakehole, gob, maw, trap, yap

Definition categories: body, mouth

Sentences with hole as a noun:

- There’s a hole in my shoe.  Her stocking has a hole in it.

- There’s a hole in my bucket.

- I played 18 holes yesterday.  The second hole today cost me three strokes over par.

- The shortstop ranged deep into the hole to make the stop.

- I have found a hole in your argument.

- car hole;  brain hole

- Are you going out to get your hole tonight?

- His apartment is a hole!

- If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.


1. hit the ball into the hole

Definition categories: contact, hit

2. make holes in

Definition categories: contact, hollow

Sentences with hole as a verb:

- Shrapnel holed the ship's hull.

- She completely holed the argument.

- to hole a post for the insertion of rails or bars

- Woods holed a standard three foot putt