(noun, verb)


1. any light downy material

Definition categories: substance, material, stuff

2. something of little value or significance

Similar word(s): bagatelle, frippery, frivolity

Definition categories: man–made, trifle, trivia, triviality

3. a blunder (especially an actor's forgetting the lines)

Definition categories: act, bloomer, blooper, blunder, botch, bungle, flub, pratfall

Sentences with fluff as a noun:

- That article was basically a bunch of fluff. It didn't say anything substantive.


1. make a mess of, destroy or ruin

Similar word(s): blow, bobble, bodge, bollix, botch, bumble, bungle, flub, fumble, mishandle, muff, spoil

Definition categories: social, fail, miscarry

2. erect or fluff up

Similar word(s): ruffle

Definition categories: contact, loosen

3. ruffle (one's hair) by combing the ends towards the scalp, for a full effect

Similar word(s): tease

Definition categories: body, comb, disentangle

Sentences with fluff as a verb:

- The cat fluffed its tail.