(noun, verb)


1. an urgent or peremptory request

- his demands for attention were unceasing

Definition categories: communication, petition, postulation, request

2. the ability and desire to purchase goods and services

- the automobile reduced the demand for buggywhips

- the demand exceeded the supply

Definition categories: process

3. required activity

- there were many demands on his time

Similar word(s): requirement

Definition categories: thought, duty, obligation, responsibility

4. the act of demanding

- the kidnapper's exorbitant demands for money

Definition categories: act, activity

5. a condition requiring relief

- there is a demand for jobs

Similar word(s): need

Definition categories: state, condition, status

Sentences with demand as a noun:

- Prices usually go up when demand exceeds supply.

- There is a demand for voluntary health workers in the poorer parts of Africa and Asia.

- Modern society is responding to women's demands for equality.

- His job makes many demands on his time.

- She couldn't ignore the newborn baby's demands for attention.


1. request urgently and forcefully

- The victim's family is demanding compensation

- The boss demanded that he be fired immediately

- She demanded to see the manager

Definition categories: communication, bespeak, quest, request

2. require as useful, just, or proper

- This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice

Similar word(s): ask, involve, necessitate, need, postulate, require, take

Definition categories: stative

3. claim as due or just

- The bank demanded payment of the loan

Similar word(s): exact

Definition categories: communication, claim

4. lay legal claim to

Definition categories: communication, claim

5. summon to court

Definition categories: communication, cite, summon, summons

6. ask to be informed of

- I demand an explanation

Definition categories: communication, bespeak, quest, request

Sentences with demand as a verb:

- I demand to see the manager.

- The bank is demanding the mortgage payment.

- I demand an immediate explanation.

- This job demands a lot of patience.