(noun, verb)


1. (computing, programming) A kind of macro in source code that replaces one text string with another wherever it occurs.


1. determine the essential quality of

Similar word(s): delimit, delimitate, delineate, specify

Definition categories: stative, be

2. give a definition for the meaning of a word

- Define `sadness'

Definition categories: communication, define, determine, fix, limit, set, specify

3. determine the nature of

- What defines a good wine?

Definition categories: stative, characterise, characterize

4. show the form or outline of

- The tree was clearly defined by the light

- The camera could define the smallest object

Similar word(s): delineate

Definition categories: stative, show

5. decide upon or fix definitely

Similar word(s): determine, fix, limit, set, specify

Definition categories: communication, choose, select, take

Sentences with define as a verb:

- I define myself as a techno-anarchist.

- The textbook defined speed as velocity divided by time.

- to define the legal boundaries of a property