1. specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement

Similar word(s): condition, qualify, stipulate

Definition categories: communication, contract, undertake

2. decide upon or fix definitely

- specify the parameters

Similar word(s): define, determine, fix, limit, set

Definition categories: communication, choose, select, take

3. determine the essential quality of

Similar word(s): define, delimit, delimitate, delineate

Definition categories: stative, be

4. be specific about

- Could you please specify your criticism of my paper?

Similar word(s): particularise, particularize, specialise, specialize

Definition categories: communication, dilate, elaborate, enlarge, expand, expatiate, exposit, expound, lucubrate

5. define clearly

Similar word(s): narrow

Definition categories: cognition, determine

6. design or destine

Similar word(s): designate, destine, intend

Definition categories: cognition, plan

7. select something or someone for a specific purpose

Similar word(s): assign

Definition categories: cognition, choose, select, take