(noun, verb)


1. an interpretation of a matter from a particular viewpoint

- his version of the fight was different from mine

Definition categories: communication, interpretation

2. something a little different from others of the same type

- an experimental version of the night fighter

Similar word(s): edition, variant, variation

Definition categories: thought, type

3. a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form

Similar word(s): adaptation

Definition categories: communication, writing

4. a written communication in a second language having the same meaning as the written communication in a first language

Similar word(s): rendering, translation

Definition categories: communication

5. a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something

Similar word(s): interpretation, reading

Definition categories: thought, representation

6. manual turning of a fetus in the uterus (usually to aid delivery)

Definition categories: act, turn, turning

Sentences with version as a noun:

- It's only in the King James Version of the Bible.

- He gave another version of the affair.

- Upgrade to the latest version for new features and bug fixes.

- External cephalic version is a process by which a breech baby can sometimes be turned from buttocks or foot first to head first.


1. (computing) To keep track of (a file, document, etc.) in a versioning system.