(noun, adjective, verb)


1. Old-fashioned; from before the digital age.


1. water at boiling temperature diffused in the atmosphere

Definition categories: substance, vapor, vapour

Sentences with steam as a noun:

- After three weeks in bed he was finally able to sit up under his own steam.

- Dad had to go outside to blow off some steam.


1. travel by means of steam power

- The ship steamed off into the Pacific

Similar word(s): steamer

Definition categories: motion, go, locomote, move, travel

2. emit steam

- The rain forest was literally steaming

Definition categories: weather, emit

3. rise as vapor

Definition categories: motion, arise, lift, rise, uprise

4. get very angry

- her indifference to his amorous advances really steamed the young man

Definition categories: emotion, anger

5. clean by means of steaming

- steam-clean the upholstered sofa

Definition categories: contact, clean

6. cook something by letting steam pass over it

- just steam the vegetables

Definition categories: change, cook

Sentences with steam as a verb:

- to steam wood or cloth

- It really steams me to see her treat him like that.

- With all the heavy breathing going on the windows were quickly steamed in the car.

- We steamed around the Mediterranean.

- If he heard of anyone picking the fruit he would steam off and lecture them.