(noun, verb)


1. a pesticide in suspension or solution; intended for spraying

Definition categories: substance, pesticide

2. a quantity of small objects flying through the air

- a spray of bullets

Similar word(s): spraying

Definition categories: quantity

3. flower arrangement consisting of a single branch or shoot bearing flowers and foliage

Definition categories: man–made

4. a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

Similar word(s): atomiser, atomizer, nebulizer, sprayer

Definition categories: man–made, dispenser

5. water in small drops in the atmosphere; blown from waves or thrown up by a waterfall

Definition categories: substance

6. a jet of vapor

Definition categories: event, jet, spirt, spurt, squirt

Sentences with spray as a noun:

- The sailor could feel the spray from the waves.

- The bridesmaid carried a spray of lily-of-the-valley.

- The tree has a beautiful spray.


1. be discharged in sprays of liquid

- Water sprayed all over the floor

Definition categories: contact, disperse, dot, dust, scatter, sprinkle

2. scatter in a mass or jet of droplets

- spray water on someone

- spray paint on the wall

Definition categories: contact, disperse, dot, dust, scatter, sprinkle

3. cover by spraying with a liquid

- spray the wall with paint

Definition categories: contact, cover

Sentences with spray as a verb:

- The firemen sprayed the house.

- Using a water cannon, the national guard sprayed the protesters.

- Spray some ointment on that scratch.

- to spray the heap of a target process