(noun, adjective, verb)


1. unusually short

- a snub nose

Similar word(s): short

Sentences with snub as an adjective:

- a snub-nosed revolver


1. an instance of driving away or warding off

Similar word(s): rebuff, repulse

Definition categories: communication, rejection

2. a refusal to recognize someone you know

- the snub was clearly intentional

Similar word(s): cut

Definition categories: act, rebuff, slight

Sentences with snub as a noun:

- I hope the people we couldn't invite don't see it as a snub.


1. refuse to acknowledge

Similar word(s): cut, disregard, ignore

Definition categories: communication, handle, treat

2. reject outright and bluntly

- She snubbed his proposal

Similar word(s): rebuff, repel

Definition categories: communication, disdain, reject, scorn, spurn

Sentences with snub as a verb:

- He snubbed my offer to help.