(noun, verb)


1. a share of something

- a slice of the company's revenue

Similar word(s): piece

Definition categories: possession, part, percentage, portion, share

2. a serving that has been cut from a larger portion

- a slice of bread

Similar word(s): piece

Definition categories: food, helping, portion, serving

3. a wound made by cutting

Similar word(s): cut, gash, slash

Definition categories: state, lesion, wound

4. a golf shot that curves to the right for a right-handed golfer

Similar word(s): fade, slicing

Definition categories: act, swing

5. a thin flat piece cut off of some object

Definition categories: object, part, piece

6. a spatula for spreading paint or ink

Definition categories: man–made, spatula

Sentences with slice as a noun:

- a slice of bacon; a slice of cheese; a slice of bread

- I bought a ham and cheese slice at the service station.


1. make a clean cut through

Similar word(s): slit

Definition categories: contact, cut

2. hit a ball and put a spin on it so that it travels in a different direction

Definition categories: contact, hit

3. cut into slices

- Slice the salami, please

Definition categories: contact, cut

4. hit a ball so that it causes a backspin

Definition categories: competition, hit, strike

Sentences with slice as a verb:

- Slice the cheese thinly.

- The knife left sliced his arm.