(noun, adjective, verb, adverb)


1. (dialectal or obsolete) Wide; spacious; roomy.


1. (dialectal or obsolete) Far; at a distance; wide in space or extent.

2. (nautical) Off from the wind.


1. an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling

- the rooms were very small but they had a nice view

Definition categories: man–made, area

2. space for movement

- room to pass

- hardly enough elbow room to turn around

Similar word(s): way

Definition categories: quantity, position

3. opportunity for

- room for improvement

Definition categories: state, chance, opportunity

4. the people who are present in a room

- the whole room was cheering

Definition categories: group, assemblage, gathering

Sentences with room as a noun:

- Go to your room!

- The room was on its feet.

- Some users may not be able to access the AOL room.


1. live and take one's meals at or in

- she rooms in an old boarding house

Similar word(s): board

Definition categories: stative, dwell, inhabit, live, populate

Sentences with room as a verb:

- Doctor Watson roomed with Sherlock Holmes at Baker Street.