(noun, adjective)


1. of or characteristic of low rank or importance

Similar word(s): subordinate, low, humble, low, lowly, small, indifferent, outclassed

2. of low or inferior quality

Similar word(s): worst, bad, base, bum, cheap, cheesy, chintzy, crummy, punk, sleazy, tinny, bush, cheapjack, shoddy, tawdry, coarse, common, coarsened, commercial, deplorable, execrable, miserable, woeful, wretched, less, mediocre, ropey, ropy, scrawny, scrubby, stunted, utility

3. written or printed below and to one side of another character

Similar word(s): subscript

4. having an orbit between the sun and the Earth's orbit

- Mercury and Venus are inferior planets

5. lower than a given reference point

- inferior alveolar artery

Similar word(s): bottom

6. falling short of some prescribed norm

Similar word(s): nonstandard, deficient, substandard

Sentences with inferior as an adjective:

- Anna had always felt inferior to her brother due to poor school grades.

- an inferior officer

- an inferior figure or letter

- the inferior or interior planets; an inferior conjunction of Mercury or Venus

- the inferior part of a meridian


1. one of lesser rank or station or quality

Definition categories: person, follower

2. a character or symbol set or printed or written beneath or slightly below and to the side of another character

Similar word(s): subscript

Definition categories: communication, character, graph, grapheme

Sentences with inferior as a noun:

- As you are my inferior, I can tell you to do anything I want.