(noun, adjective)


1. in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle

- his regular calls on his customers

- regular meals

- regular duties

Similar word(s): lawful, official, prescribed, standard, stock, timed, uniform, weak, rhythmic, rhythmical, symmetric, symmetrical, systematic

2. often used as intensifiers

- a regular morass of details

- a regular nincompoop

Similar word(s): typical, veritable

3. conforming to a standard or pattern

- following the regular procedure of the legislature

- a regular electrical outlet

Similar word(s): standard

4. regularly scheduled for fixed times

- at a regular meeting of the PTA

- regular bus departures

Similar word(s): scheduled

5. in accord with regular practice or procedure

- took his regular morning walk

Similar word(s): usual

6. occurring at fixed intervals

- a regular beat

Similar word(s): steady, even

7. relating to a person who does something regularly

- a regular customer

Similar word(s): frequent, steady

8. (used of the military) belonging to or engaged in by legitimate army forces

- the regular army

Similar word(s): standing

9. (of solids) having clear dimensions that can be measured; volume can be determined with a suitable geometric formula

10. not constipated

Similar word(s): diarrheal, diarrheic, diarrhetic, diarrhoeal, diarrhoeic, diarrhoetic, lax, loose, unconstipated

11. symmetrically arranged

- regular features

- a regular polygon

Similar word(s): symmetric, symmetrical, even

12. not deviating from what is normal

- her regular bedtime

Similar word(s): normal

13. officially full-time

- regular students

Sentences with regular as an adjective:

- He made regular visits to go see his mother.

- The verb "to walk" is regular.

- Maintaining a high-fibre diet keeps you regular.

- a regular genius; a regular John Bull

- regular clergy, in distinction from the secular clergy

- a regular flower; a regular sea urchin


1. a regular patron

Similar word(s): fixture, habitue

Definition categories: person, frequenter, patron

2. a soldier in the regular army

Definition categories: person, soldier

3. a dependable follower (especially in party politics)

- he is one of the party regulars

Definition categories: person, follower

4. a garment size for persons of average height and weight

Definition categories: attribute, size

Sentences with regular as a noun:

- Bartenders usually know their regulars by name.

- This gentleman was one of the architect's regulars.