(noun, adjective, verb, adverb)


1. many and varied; having many features or forms

- manifold reasons

- our manifold failings

- manifold intelligence

Similar word(s): multiple, multiplex

Sentences with manifold as an adjective:

- The manifold meanings of the simple English word 'set' are infamous among dictionary makers.

- c1384 ... the manyfold grace of God. — I Petre 4:10 (Wycliffe's Bible)1611 The manifold wisdom of God. — Ephesians 3:10. (w:King James Bible)


1. Many times; repeatedly.


1. a pipe that has several lateral outlets to or from other pipes

Definition categories: man–made, pipage, pipe, piping

2. a lightweight paper used with carbon paper to make multiple copies

- an original and two manifolds

Definition categories: substance, paper

3. a set of points such as those of a closed surface or an analogue in three or more dimensions

Definition categories: group


1. make multiple copies of

Definition categories: change, copy

2. combine or increase by multiplication

Similar word(s): multiply

Definition categories: change, increase