(noun, verb)


1. a person who inhabits a particular place

Similar word(s): dweller, habitant, indweller, inhabitant

Definition categories: person, individual, mortal, somebody, someone, soul

2. a plant or animal naturalized in a region

- denizens of field and forest

- denizens of the deep

Definition categories: animal, being, organism

Sentences with denizen as a noun:

- The giant squid is one of many denizens of the deep.

- The denizens of that pub are of the roughest sort.

- Though born in Iceland, he became a denizen of Britain after leaving Oxford.

- The bald eagle is a denizen of the northern part of the state.


1. (transitive, Britain) To grant rights of citizenship to; to naturalize.

- He was denizened to Ireland after fleeing his home country.

2. (transitive) To provide with denizens; to populate with adopted or naturalized occupants.