1. the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience

Similar word(s): address

Definition categories: communication

2. (language) communication by word of mouth

- his speech was garbled

Similar word(s): language

Definition categories: communication

3. something spoken

- he could hear them uttering merry speeches

Definition categories: communication, utterance, vocalization

4. the exchange of spoken words

- they were perfectly comfortable together without speech

Definition categories: communication, speaking

5. your characteristic style or manner of expressing yourself orally

- her speech was barren of southernisms

- I detected a slight accent in his speech

Similar word(s): delivery

Definition categories: communication, style

6. a lengthy rebuke

Similar word(s): lecture

Definition categories: communication, rebuke, reprehension, reprimand, reproof, reproval

7. words making up the dialogue of a play

- the actor forgot his speech

Similar word(s): words

Definition categories: communication, line

8. the mental faculty or power of vocal communication

Similar word(s): language

Definition categories: thought, faculty, module

Sentences with speech as a noun:

- It was hard to hear the sounds of his speech over the noise. He had a bad speech impediment.

- The candidate made some ambitious promises in his campaign speech.

- Her speech was soft and lilting.