(noun, verb)


1. an unforeseen obstacle

Similar word(s): hitch, snag

Definition categories: thought, obstacle, obstruction

2. the act of rubbing or wiping

- he gave the hood a quick rub

Similar word(s): wipe

Definition categories: act, contact

Sentences with rub as a noun:

- Give that lamp a good rub and see if any genies come out

- Therein lies the rub.

- a heat rub intended for muscular strains


1. move over something with pressure

- rub my hands

- rub oil into her skin

Definition categories: contact, draw, guide, pass, run

2. cause friction

Similar word(s): chafe, fray, fret, scratch

Definition categories: contact, adjoin, meet, touch

3. scrape or rub as if to relieve itching

Similar word(s): itch, scratch

Definition categories: perception, irritate

Sentences with rub as a verb:

- I rubbed the cloth over the glass.

- The cat rubbed itself against my leg.

- I rubbed my hands together for warmth.

- I rubbed the glass with the cloth.

- My shoes are beginning to rub.

- meat rubbed with spices before barbecuing

- to rub through woods, as huntsmen

- to rub up silver