(noun, verb)


1. a sharp abrupt noise as if two objects hit together; may be repeated

Similar word(s): clap

Definition categories: event, noise

2. a simple valve with a hinge on one side; allows fluid to flow in only one direction

Definition categories: man–made, valve


1. make a rattling sound

Similar word(s): brattle, clatter

Definition categories: perception, noise, resound

2. make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens

Similar word(s): click, cluck

Definition categories: communication, emit, utter

3. speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly

Similar word(s): blab, blabber, chatter, gabble, gibber, maunder, palaver, piffle, prate, prattle, tattle, twaddle

Definition categories: communication, mouth, speak, talk, utter, verbalise, verbalize