(noun, verb)


1. a large flow

Similar word(s): flood, outpouring

Definition categories: act, flow, stream

2. the occurrence of surplus liquid (as water) exceeding the limit or capacity

Similar word(s): overspill, runoff

Definition categories: event, flow, flowing


1. flow or run over (a limit or brim)

Similar word(s): overrun

Definition categories: motion, spill

2. overflow with a certain feeling

- The children bubbled over with joy

- My boss was bubbling over with anger

Definition categories: emotion, boil, seethe

Sentences with overflow as a verb:

- The river overflowed the levee.

- The flash flood overflowed most of the parkland and some homes.

- The waters overflowed into the Ninth Ward.

- The hospital ER was overflowing with flu cases.

- Calculating 255+1 will overflow an eight-bit byte.