(noun, verb)


1. too much production or more than expected

Similar word(s): overproduction

Definition categories: act, production

Sentences with overrun as a noun:

- At least this year's overrun isn't as unmanageable as last year!


1. invade in great numbers

Similar word(s): infest

Definition categories: motion, invade, occupy

2. occupy in large numbers or live on a host

Similar word(s): infest, invade

Definition categories: stative, inhabit

3. flow or run over (a limit or brim)

Similar word(s): overflow

Definition categories: motion, spill

4. seize the position of and defeat

- the Crusaders overran much of the Holy Land

Definition categories: competition, defeat, overcome

5. run beyond or past

- The plane overran the runway

Definition categories: cognition, overshoot

Sentences with overrun as a verb:

- The vine overran its trellis; the field is overrun with weeds.

- One line overruns another in length.

- In machinery, a sliding piece is said to overrun its bearing when its forward end goes beyond it.