(noun, adjective, verb, adverb, interjection)


1. pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance

- what a nice fellow you are and we all thought you so nasty

- nice manners

- a nice dress

Similar word(s): good, pleasant, pleasant

2. socially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous

- a nice girl

Similar word(s): respectable, decent

3. done with delicacy and skill

- a nice bit of craft

- a job requiring nice measurements with a micrometer

- a nice shot

Similar word(s): precise, skillful

4. excessively fastidious and easily disgusted

- too nice about his food to take to camp cooking

Similar word(s): fastidious, dainty, overnice, prissy, squeamish

5. exhibiting courtesy and politeness

- a nice gesture

Similar word(s): polite, courteous, gracious

Sentences with nice as an adjective:

- What is a nice person like you doing in a place like this?

- The soup is nice and hot.


1. (colloquial) Nicely.

- Children, play nice.

- He dresses real nice.


1. Used to signify a job well done.

- Nice! I couldn't have done better.

2. Used to signify approval.

- Is that your new car? Nice!


1. a city in southeastern France on the Mediterranean; the leading resort on the French Riviera

Definition categories: location


1. (transitive, computing, Unix) To run a process with a specified (usually lower) priority.