1. enjoying or showing or marked by joy or pleasure

- a happy smile

- spent many happy days on the beach

- a happy marriage

Similar word(s): cheerful, content, contented, elated, euphoric, felicitous, blessed, blissful, bright, golden, halcyon, prosperous, laughing, riant, glad, joyful, joyous

2. marked by good fortune

- a happy outcome

Similar word(s): fortunate, felicitous

3. eagerly disposed to act or to be of service

Similar word(s): willing, glad

4. well expressed and to the point

- a happy turn of phrase

Similar word(s): felicitous

Sentences with happy as an adjective:

- Music makes me feel happy.

- Are you happy to pay me back by the end of the week?

- Are you happy with your internet service provider?