(noun, adjective, verb)


1. very small

- the flyspeck nation of Bahrain moved toward democracy

Similar word(s): little, small, bantam, diminutive, lilliputian, midget, petite, tiny


1. a tiny dark speck made by the excrement of a fly

Definition categories: substance, atom, corpuscle, molecule, mote, particle, speck

Sentences with flyspeck as a noun:

- The wall of the kitchen above the fruitbowl was dotted with flyspeck.

- From the foothills below, Jean, Jan, and James were mere flyspecks, easily lost among the straggly pines that formed the treeline.

- We passed through some flyspeck town, barely more than a gas station and a stoplight, but I never saw the name.


1. To bespeckle with tiny spatters of color.

2. To inspect in minute detail to ensure that something contains no flaws; nitpick.