1. an animal being fattened or suitable for fattening

Definition categories: animal

2. someone who consumes food for nourishment

Similar word(s): eater

Definition categories: person, consumer

3. a branch that flows into the main stream

Similar word(s): affluent, confluent, tributary

Definition categories: object, branch

4. a machine that automatically provides a supply of some material

- the feeder discharged feed into a trough for the livestock

Definition categories: man–made, machine

5. an outdoor device that supplies food for wild birds

Similar word(s): birdfeeder

Definition categories: man–made, device

6. an animal that feeds on a particular source of food

- a bark feeder

- a mud feeder

Definition categories: animal, beast, brute, creature, fauna

Sentences with feeder as a noun:

- a bird feeder

- Stop feeding! You feeder.