(noun, verb)


1. Obsolete form of eddish.


1. make an etching of

- He etched her image into the surface

Definition categories: creation, print

2. cause to stand out or be clearly defined or visible

- a face etched with pain

- the leafless branches etched against the sky

Definition categories: perception, show

3. carve or cut into a block used for printing or print from such a block

Similar word(s): engrave

Definition categories: creation, print

4. carve or cut a design or letters into

Similar word(s): engrave

Definition categories: contact, carve

5. selectively dissolve the surface of (a semiconductor or printed circuit) with a solvent, laser, or stream of electrons

Definition categories: change, dissolve

Sentences with etch as a verb:

- The memory of 9/11 is etched into my mind.