(noun, adjective)


1. of or relating to the first significant period of a civilization, culture, area of study, etc.

- classic Chinese pottery

- classical Marxism

Similar word(s): classical, neoclassic, neoclassical, classical

2. of a well-known type; remarkably typical

- I woke up with all the classic symptoms of the flu

- she made the classic mistake of choosing style over substance

Similar word(s): typical

3. considered of the highest quality and lasting significance or worth

- a classic car

- `War and Peace' is a classic novel

Similar word(s): superior

4. well-known and long-established in form or style

- a classical ballet

- classic double-breasted suit

- the classic struggle between good and evil

Similar word(s): traditional, classical

Sentences with classic as an adjective:

- Users who dislike the new visual layout can return to classic mode.


1. a creation of the highest excellence

Definition categories: man–made, creation

2. an artist who has created classic works

Definition categories: person, artist