(noun, verb, adverb, conjunction)


1. up to the present time

- I have yet to see the results

- details are yet to be worked out

2. used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time

- the sun isn't up yet

Similar word(s): heretofore, hitherto

3. to a greater degree or extent; used with comparisons

- a yet sadder tale

Similar word(s): even, still

4. within an indefinite time or at an unspecified future time

- he longed for the flowers that were yet to show themselves

5. used after a superlative

- the largest drug bust yet

6. despite anything to the contrary (usually preceding a concession)

- he was a stern yet fair master

Similar word(s): however, nevertheless, nonetheless, notwithstanding, still, withal

Sentences with yet as an adverb:

- He has never yet been late for an appointment;

- The workers went to the factory early and are striking yet.

- The riddle will be solved yet.

- I've yet to see him. — I have not yet seen him.

- I had yet to go to a convention. — I had not yet gone to a convention.

- He seemed yet to be convinced. — He seemed not yet to have been convinced.

- There are two hours yet to go until our destination.

- K-2 is yet higher than this.


1. Nevertheless; however; but; despite that.

- I thought I knew you, yet how wrong I was.


1. (dialectal) A metal pan or boiler; yetling.


1. (dialectal) To melt; found; cast, as metal.