(noun, verb)


1. sensing an odor by inhaling through the nose

Similar word(s): snuff

Definition categories: act, smell, smelling

Sentences with sniff as a noun:

- She gave the flowers a quick sniff to check they were real.


1. perceive by inhaling through the nose

- sniff the perfume

Similar word(s): whiff

Definition categories: perception, smell

2. inhale audibly through the nose

- the sick student was sniffling in the back row

Similar word(s): sniffle

Definition categories: body, inhale, inspire

Sentences with sniff as a verb:

- The dog sniffed around the park, searching for a nice scent.

- I sniffed the meat to see if it hadn't gone off.

- "He's never coming back, is he?" she sniffed while looking at a picture of him.

- I can sniff trouble coming from the basement.

- This opportunity is not to be sniffed at.