(noun, adjective)


1. imposing in size or bulk or solidity

- massive oak doors

- Moore's massive sculptures

Similar word(s): big, large, monolithic, monumental

2. being the same substance throughout

- massive silver

Similar word(s): solid

3. imposing in scale or scope or degree or power

- massive retaliatory power

- a massive increase in oil prices

- massive changes

Similar word(s): big, large

4. consisting of great mass; containing a great quantity of matter

- Earth is the most massive of the terrestrial planets

Similar word(s): heavy

Sentences with massive as an adjective:

- A massive comet or asteroid appears to have ended the era of the dinosaurs.

- Compared to its counterparts from World War II, the Abrams main battle tank is truly massive.

- The enlightenment comprises massive shifts in many areas of Western thought.

- Did you see Colbert last night? He was massive!

- Some bosons are massive while others are massless.


1. (mineralogy) A homogeneous mass of rock, not layered and without an obvious crystal structure.

- karst massives in western Georgia