(noun, adjective)


1. of or relating to or resulting from industry

- industrial output

2. having highly developed industries

- the industrial revolution

- an industrial nation

Similar word(s): developed, industrialised, industrialized, postindustrial, progressive

3. employed in industry

- the industrial classes

- industrial work

4. suitable to stand up to hard wear

- industrial carpeting

Sentences with industrial as an adjective:

- The industrial segment of the economy has seen troubles lately.

- Handicraft is less standardized then industrial products, hence less artistic or rather flawless.

- This is an industrial product—it's much too strong for home use.

- Italy is a part industrial, part rural nation.

- a track with clashing industrial beats


1. (dated, 19th-mid 20th century) An employee in industry

2. (business) An enterprise producing tangible goods or providing certain services to industrial companies.

3. (finance) A bond or stock issued by such company

4. (informal) industrial music

- I wish they'd play more industrial in this club.