(noun, verb)


1. toweling consisting of coarse absorbent cotton or linen fabric

Similar word(s): huckaback

Definition categories: man–made, toweling, towelling


1. (Ultimate Frisbee) To throw a long way

2. (informal) to throw or chuck

- He was so angry he hucked the book at my face.

- Dude go huck that cornice!

3. (mountain biking) To gain extra height from a jump by compressing the springs just before the take-off

- Longer forks make the bike more cumbersome, but you will be able to huck off of more stuff.

- If you huck it (the take-off), you'll drop about 20 feet.

4. (mountain biking) To make a maneuver in a clumsy way.

5. (whitewater kayaking) To paddle off of a waterfall or to boof a big drop.

- I hucked a sweet 25 foot waterfall on the Tomata River.

6. To throw oneself off a large jump or drop.

7. To throw one's body in the air, possibly in a way that is ungraceful or lacks skill.

8. (dated) To haggle in trading.