(adjective, verb)


1. (of materials or goods) brought to the desired final state

- a finished product

Similar word(s): dressed, polished, fattened, fattening, painted, processed, smooth

2. ended or brought to an end

- are you finished?

- gave me the finished manuscript

Similar word(s): complete, concluded, ended, over, terminated, done, through, up

3. (of skills or the products of skills) brought to or having the greatest excellence; perfected

- a dazzling and finished piece of writing

- a finished violinist

Similar word(s): polished

4. having a surface coating or finish applied

- the finished bookcase costs much more than the unfinished ones

Similar word(s): painted

5. brought to ruin

- after the revolution the aristocracy was finished

Similar word(s): destroyed, ruined

Sentences with finished as an adjective:

- He gave a very finished, but uninspired performance.

- I won't be finished until just before lunch.

- The program was finally finished after three hours.

- He wasn't finished cleaning up until nearly noon.

- He wasn't quite finished with his assignment.


1. simple past tense and past participle of finish

- He finished the cabinet with two more layers of polyurethane.