(noun, adjective, verb)


1. (Britain, informal) Fake, not genuine.

- You’re wearing a blag designer shirt!


1. (Britain, informal) A means of obtaining something by trick or deception.

- A good blag to get into a nightclub is to walk in carrying a record box.

2. (Britain criminal slang) An armed robbery.


1. (Britain, informal, transitive) To obtain (something) for free, particularly by guile or persuasion.

2. (Britain, informal) More specifically, to obtain confidential information by impersonation or other deception.

- The newspaper is accused of blagging details of Gordon Brown's flat purchase from his solicitors.

3. (Britain, informal, transitive) To beg, to cadge.

- Can I blag a fag?

4. (Britain, informal, transitive) To steal.

5. (Polari) To pick up someone.

6. (Britain, informal, 1960s) To persuade.

- He's blagged his way into many a party.

7. (Britain, informal, 1940s) To deceive, to perpetrate a hoax on.